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Story Stone Paper

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have decided to venture into being an Etsy shop owner.

Below are the colored paper backgrounds that are available. Click on the picture to view it in more detail.

When ordering, please let me know which picture you want which colored paper background to go with. If I have questions, I will convo you and let you know.

Old Newsprint (1)

old newsprint












Multi Stripe (2)

multi stripes


Blue Stripe (3)

blue stripes

Yellow Swirl (4)

yellow swirl

Confetti (5)


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Personalized Story Stones

ss colored background home series

I have decided to try my hand at something new… an Etsy shop! I always feel like I am using the more analytical side of my brain, and sometimes I need to do something to exercise the more creative side of my brain. I don’t remember when the idea occurred to me, but my daughter loves story stones I had purchased for her on Etsy.

Story stones are small stones that have a picture on them. You take out the stones and can make up stories about them, and my daughter sometimes likes to do this instead of a story at bed time.

Back to the story… I got the idea of doing personalized story stones where I could use pictures of my family and my children can actually be part of the story when they are playing! They absolutely love them, my son likes to take each stone and give them to that particular family member. It’s a great way to also remember family members who have passed on and keep them present in my children’s lives. I have one of my grandmother who recently passed, and my children love pulling her out of the story stone bag.

So check out my Etsy shop… I only have one style of story stones available right now, but I’m working on new ones…

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