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My new obsession…

As you may know, my wonderful grandmother passed away in August. She was an avid bird watcher and bird lover. I used to bring her birds I found who had been hurt somehow, and she would find a way to nurse them back to life. She was amazing in so many ways, and this was just another one.

I have found that since her passing, I can’t get enough of bird designs. Bird prints on fabric, bird prints on paper, stuffed birds, you name it. I found inspiration in a fabric a few days ago, and thought I could make a little birdie out of felt. So here he is…

Jem birdie on Etsy


I have made a few others, but this is the only one that I made and took a nice picture of. My Mom wanted one, and these were the colors she chose. (Her favorite color is green.)

I am thinking about making some and adding them to my Etsy shop The problem is that I have no idea how much to charge for it. It takes me more than 2 hours to hand sew the entire little guy… I guess I need to do some research! I’m also thinking about creating a tutorial and maybe selling it on Etsy as a download… The problem is, what if people then only download the file and don’t buy my little birdies? Oh well… I guess I have some decisions to make, huh?!


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On hiatus – and a farewell

I haven’t posted in more than a month. It’s been a tough month at that. My dear, sweet grandmother died August 19 and I just haven’t had it in me to write much of anything. She was an amazing woman. Served in the Army in World War II (she joined so she could “keep an eye” on her older brother – as a comfort to her mother). A fiercely independent woman, she was a single mom when divorce was shameful. She was an avid gardener with an amazing green thumb. She could grow anything. And I do mean ANYTHING. My mom tells the story of how they bought a pineapple from the grocery store, and she managed to grow a pineapple tree from the piece she cut off the top!

Grammie 1922 - 2014

I feel like I need to post in honor of my Grammie before I can move on and continue blogging. Not sure why, but I’m not going to question it. I miss her. Every day. For those of you who have a beloved older person in your life, cherish them. Spend time with them. Soak up their very essence. They won’t be here forever and the pain you bear when they are gone is helped by knowing you loved them with all of your being.

So goodbye, Grammie. I love you and miss you, but I feel your presence every day.

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Honor Robin Williams – Prevent future suicides by getting help

Robin Williams Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-TALK

I feel like I can’t let Robin Williams’ death go by without sharing a bit about myself and hopefully encouraging others. I am co-chair of our state suicide prevention coalition ( I talk about suicide a lot. I train on suicide prevention a lot. I even specifically talk about suicide in “successful people” and how suicidal thoughts can happen to anyone. At any age. At any income level. Of any race. You get the idea.

Robin Williams would qualify as a “successful person” in my book. And even he wasn’t immune to suicidal thoughts.

So what can you do if you think someone you love is thinking about suicide? ASK THEM!!!

Let them know you care. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number (800-273-TALK [8255]) and they will either talk with your friend, or you to help your friend.

If you are thinking about suicide yourself, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number (800-273-TALK [8255]). They are trained professionals who will confidentially talk with you and help you get assistance. For FREE.

Honor Robin Williams’ memory. He had to have been at a level of despair most of us will never know or understand. Help others at that same point by saving a life. Ask if someone is considering suicide. Tell them you care and get help!

If you want to become involved with suicide prevention in your state or locally, ask around. Check out the resource page at and get involved. We can all save a life.

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Hello World…

I know it’s not the most original post name, but i’m not feeling overly original right now. Here’s my thought for this blog… After all, you may be wondering “Why ‘Tinker Tailor Mommy Wife'”???

Let me start by saying I have never seen the movie with a somewhat similar name. One night it just hit me that TTMW would be a cool name for a blog. It just seems to fit me. I love to tinker – gimme something to put together or take apart and I’m as happy as a clam.

happy clam

I adore sewing, but would not consider myself “crafty.” For some reason, that word has a negative connotation for me – no offense to all you crafty types out there, it just doesn’t fit well for me. I started sewing at a very young age because my mother was a seamstress, so I have made my own clothes for many many years.

Now that I’m a mom (hence the “Mommy”) I don’t have much time for sewing at my sewing machine in the dungeon (a.k.a. basement sewing room), so I’ve started other sewing projects. I’ll have to blog about it some time…

And the “Wife” part seemed to fit well for me but posts relating to this will likely be more focused on me as a person than specifically as a wife.

So….. that’s my long winded answer for why this blog name. I’m thinking that depending on what I am blogging about, I will likely categorize things into these four segments (tinker, tailor, mommy or wife), but we’ll see if that works out for me. I always have great organizational plans that seem to peter out…

Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope it’s a fun experience for both of us!

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