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How to Add Etsy Shop Links to Your Blog/Website

How to integrate your Etsy store into your blog or website

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to refer my blog readers to my Etsy Shop in a tasteful way. I started thinking about this when I happened to notice the “Etsy Mini” link in the “Promote” menu. I have two tips for you today: Adding Etsy Mini to your web site or blog and¬†Adding a link on your blog/website to your Etsy shop page.

Adding Etsy Mini to Your Website/Blog

etsy mini

I clicked on the link for Etsy Mini and then I saw that you are supposed to paste a code somewhere on my blog.

How to add Etsy Mini to your Web site or blog

Duh Duh Duh Duuuuhhhhh!!! Again, I ask, why the heck do these people always expect us to know where to embed or paste codes? I am not an html expert. I barely can figure out how to do things on my little blog. But again, Google is my friend.

I found a page that talked about adding the code to a text box in widgets on your page. Unfortunately I can’t find that link again, so please know I’m not claiming to come up with the idea on my own. If anyone sees it, I’m happy to link to the original person.

Keep in mind that some of the steps I mention can be theme specific, so depending on your theme, you may or may not be able to do some of these things. I have the Judy Blog theme from ThemeForest¬†and can do this theme. I have no experience with other themes…

I went to my web page dashboard on my WordPress.org hosted website, and clicked on Widgets.

Adding Etsy Mini to your website or blog

Then I selected the widget option “Text” (it was pretty far down on my widget options) and clicked on that.

How to add Etsy Mini to your blog or website

I selected “Index Sidebar” because I wanted the Etsy Mini to show up in my sidebar. You can select other options and see what you like…

Adding Etsy Mini to your wordpress.com hosted website or blog

How do I add Etsy Mini to my WordPress hosted blog or web site

Then I created the title I wanted to appear above the Etsy Mini preview. Uncreatively, I chose “Shop,” and then pasted that pesky code in the big box. I hit “save” and VIOLA! Etsy Mini’s preview appeared on my page! I chose to do one column with five rows and the gallery (larger pictures) because I liked how that worked for my particular page.

Adding Etsy Mini to my wordpress hosted website or blog

Adding a Link on Your Blog/Website to Your Etsy Shop Page

After I was successful with Etsy Mini, I was feeling pretty darn proud of myself. What else could I do to make my blog more friendly to those who may want to check out my Etsy store?

While Googling the previous Etsy Mini issue, I came across this link (fortunately I didn’t close the page so I can give credit!) It links to an Etsy store owner’s forum and fortunately “Monique” made the suggestion below.

Adding a link to your Etsy shop in your website or blogOn Monique’s page, she has a link in her menu which, when clicked, takes you to her Etsy Shop.

How to add a link to your Etsy Shop in your web page or blog

So I set about doing the same thing…

I went to my dashboard again and looked under Appearance and clicked on the “Menus” button, then the “links” button.

How to add a link to your Etsy store from your wordpress.org hosted website

adding Etsy store link to your blog or website

I inserted the URL to my Etsy Store page, decided what I wanted the name of this menu option to say (I put “My Etsy Shop”) and clicked “Add to Menu.”

Add etsy shop link to website or blog

Lo and behold… the new “My Etsy Shop” link was added to my menu and it totally worked!! Yippee!!

integrating Etsy with your website or blog

I wish I could figure out how to make it open the link in a new page so it didn’t navigate away from my blog, but I’m exhausted from all that work today. Tomorrow is another day!

Let me know if this worked for you, or if you tried something different. We Etsy sellers need to stick together to provide the world with more handcrafted cool stuff!


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