How to teach a child to tie a bow

My daughter is 5 and will be starting kindergarten in a month (yikes…where has the time gone???)

One of the goals for kindergarten at J’s school is to be able to tie your shoes. Until a few months ago, I had never bought shoes that tie, so this was something we had never done.

I finally bought j a pair of tie shoes and have been unsuccessfully trying to teach how to tie a bow for about 2 months. My neighbor, who was an elementary school teacher, told me to try using a jump rope with the ends cut off. Have the child sit on the rope so the two ends wrap around to the front, then show them how to tie. I did the two bunny ear thing and let j try. She got it her first try! Just like that!! I’d definitely recommend this method.

Here is a video of j trying it out… She is SUPER proud of herself!!!

Special thanks to my neighbor!

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Healthy Steps Diaper Bank

I volunteer at the local hospital for a group called “Nursing Mothers Counselors.” I will post another time about NMC, but in short, it is a group of moms who breastfed their babies, and want to help support new moms who choose to breastfeed. We visit the new moms at the hospital before they are discharged, offer to be a resource if they have breastfeeding related questions, and give our phone numbers to the new moms.

One of the new moms I visited in June texted me because she is a teen mom and is still in high school. She needs everything for the new baby. And I mean EVERYTHING! I posted on the Harrisburg/Mechanicsburg Breastfeeding Support Group facebook page asking if anyone had recommendations for where to get clothes, diapers, etc. One of the moms mentioned the Healthy Steps Diaper Bank.

Healthy Steps Diaper Bank

Fastforward a couple of weeks and j, my 5 year old, decides she is done with pullups at night, and she wants to wear big girl underwear. I had been asking her about wanting to stay dry at night, and TRYING to stay dry at night but she had no interest. Not wanting to push the issue (the pediatrician said it’s common for children to wet the bed until around age 6 or 7) I let it go. j potty trained the same way. We tried periodically, but until she decided she was ready, she wasn’t consistent. I bought new big girl underwear to put aside for when she was ready, and she saw the delivery box in the hallway. I opened the box and told her what they were for and she decided then and there that she was done with diapers and big girl underwear were the only thing for her. So at 2 1/2 one day she was a consistent diaper wearer, and the next she was potty trained. Phew!

Back to the story… j went a week without peeing in her pullup over night, and so we moved to big girl undies for bedtime and haven’t turned back. I mention this because I had been thinking about donating to Healthy Steps Diaper Bank when j was done with pullups. I thought that since it was already in my budget, I would send diapers to Healthy Steps instead of my house. I use Amazon Mom (another post for another day) for our diapers (save 20%!) and just switched the type of diaper and location of delivery to Healthy Steps.

About Healthy Steps Diaper Bank… Sue Speese is the founder, President and Secretary and when I called her she told me that she and her husband started the diaper bank when she learned about the dire need for diapers in the community. Many people think of food banks, but they don’t always think of other necessities for families, like diapers. I asked Sue what size and brand of diaper did she need most, and she said size 5. People often will buy the newborn or smaller sizes, but seem to forget that bigger babies need them too… So now my Amazon Mom delivery goes to HSDB and one of my children is totally potty trained!! Wahoo!

Check out Healthy Steps Diaper Bank, or see if there is a similar organization in your community. You can do something like I did, and when your kiddos finally potty train, consider sending them to a diaper bank.

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Salt Room – huh?

I decided to take the morning off so I could run some errands. I find it so much easier to take 2 hours off and get a whole bunch done than waiting until after work and lugging the littles with me. It takes a fraction of the time and frustration (and no bribery is necessary!)

My neighbor and friend is 5 months pregnant and her birthday is today, so I wanted to find something unique to give her. She always gives us such thoughtful gifts and I wanted to do the same. After dropping off some clothes to the consignment store (Once Upon a Child – great place! They buy the items directly from you, no waiting around to see if something sells…) I stopped by a place that has piqued my interest for months… SaltEFX.

Having no idea what I would find, I walked in to see a very nice woman behind a counter in what turned out to be a waiting room. SaltEFX is a Himalayan Salt Room where you can go to relax and undergo what the owner called “salt therapy.”What is a salt room???

I quickly learned that salt has beneficial properties to remove toxins and help with allergies and it can have anti-inflammatory properties. There are other benefits, but when she said it can help with allergies, I stopped there. I did a quick google search on my phone and learned that salt rooms are safe for preggos like my friend, so I decided to do a salt themed gift. The owner sells these delicious salt scrubs that smell just heavenly, and I purchased a 45 minute session for E. I had the time, so decided to try out their 15 minute intensive salt bed option.

You lay in the bed, which is filled on the bottom with heated Himalayan salt crystals, topped by a head pillow, towel to lay on, and a pillow for your knees. The owner turned on the bed and salt was ionized (or whatever term is proper) into the air for me to breathe in. She gave me a few tissues and said to not be surprised if my sinuses started draining.

While I had hoped for some immediate sinus relief, it didn’t happen that quickly. I noticed that during the 15 minute session I was very relaxed – soft music, warm crystals, and noticed a bit of sinus pressure, like that which happens right before your sinuses are about to drain. I have since had that feeling for the past 3 hours, with some drainage. It definitely feels like something is going on in there, and I’m hoping that maybe a few more sessions will loosen things up.

The price of the session was incredibly reasonable. My 15 minute salt bed session was $15, and I ended up purchasing a 45 minute session (less intense and therefore better for a preggo) for E for $20. E has been having a tough time with allergies this summer, and can’t take allergy meds due to the pregnancy. I’m hoping this could give her some relief. I think they have an unlimited monthly option for around $55. Considering the cost of allergy meds, and the potential relief from a natural remedy, this sounds reasonable to me!

The other rooms look relaxing as well. This one is the “quiet” room, where no one is supposed to talk. There is a starry sky on the ceiling and lounge chairs around the room.  There is also the “trouble makers” room, which is for people who just can’t help themselves from talking, which you can reserve with a pal or by yourself if you want some privacy. The cost is the same, regardless of whether you choose the quiet room or the trouble makers room, which is a cool benefit.What is a salt room?

I’ll definitely be back!! I’d love to ditch the steroid nasal spray!

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Hello World…

I know it’s not the most original post name, but i’m not feeling overly original right now. Here’s my thought for this blog… After all, you may be wondering “Why ‘Tinker Tailor Mommy Wife'”???

Let me start by saying I have never seen the movie with a somewhat similar name. One night it just hit me that TTMW would be a cool name for a blog. It just seems to fit me. I love to tinker – gimme something to put together or take apart and I’m as happy as a clam.

happy clam

I adore sewing, but would not consider myself “crafty.” For some reason, that word has a negative connotation for me – no offense to all you crafty types out there, it just doesn’t fit well for me. I started sewing at a very young age because my mother was a seamstress, so I have made my own clothes for many many years.

Now that I’m a mom (hence the “Mommy”) I don’t have much time for sewing at my sewing machine in the dungeon (a.k.a. basement sewing room), so I’ve started other sewing projects. I’ll have to blog about it some time…

And the “Wife” part seemed to fit well for me but posts relating to this will likely be more focused on me as a person than specifically as a wife.

So….. that’s my long winded answer for why this blog name. I’m thinking that depending on what I am blogging about, I will likely categorize things into these four segments (tinker, tailor, mommy or wife), but we’ll see if that works out for me. I always have great organizational plans that seem to peter out…

Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope it’s a fun experience for both of us!

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